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I am a writer and critic born in Aotearoa and based in the UK. I completed my Master of Arts at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington in 2023, with research focused on contemporary Palestinian poetry written in the diaspora.

I write about poetry, Palestine and politics.

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Recent articles and interviews

Fuck lectures about sonnets: on Noor Hindi

Cordite Poetry Review

Interview: cross-struggle solidarity


Resistance literature, now


The poet of Palestine


Forty years on: the Sabra & Shatila massacre

Justice for Palestine

(E)quality first

Drift Magazine

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Recent conferences & lectures

Don Mee Choi: DMZ Colony and anti-neocolonial ways of reading

Guest lecture for Postcolonial literature at Victoria University of Wellington, April 2023

Drawing on Don Mee Choi's talk, Translation as a Mode, this lecture thought with how poetic meaning-making can be framed as an anti-neocolonial mode, resisting or subverting neocolonial power structures and ways of reading.

Noor Hindi: reading in / reading out

Literatures of occupation conference in Wellington, February 2023

Reading Noor Hindi's viral poem, 'Fuck your lecture on craft, my people are dying,' this conference paper reckoned with the poem's challenge to and complicated relationship with craft.

Reading in community: resistance literature now

Justice for Palestine, July 2023

Reflecting on the legacy of Palestinian resistance literature, this talk considered new ways of thinking about and reading contemporary Palestinian writing in the post-Oslo, post-millenial, post-Intifada period.

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Chapter in Te Whāriki: Essays on New Poetry in Aotearoa (under contract, AUP).

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